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Hand-Crafted in
Northfield, Vermont USA

Finely Hand-Crafted Musical Instruments:




-Dynamic Voicing / Tone

-Comfortable Playability 

-Stunning Aesthetic Details

About the Builder:

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Ever since transitioning over to Guitar and Ukulele, I have been obsessed with how they are constructed, I also find it absolutely fascinating how different bracing/bodies/woods can shape the tone and personality of the instrument. I owe many thanks and credit Kevin Crossett (Kepasa Ukulele) for introducing me into the world of lutherie, and inspiring me to pursue the craft. Ever since deciding to build musical instruments and deciding to pursue a life of becoming a luthier, I have religiously studied / researched lutherie, building techniques, and will always continue to do so. I build with the best of my abilities, materials and tools. I strive to keep pushing my limits and current abilities when building Music has always been a big part of my life, and I am very lucky to have so many musically talented / musical appreciators in my life.


Peter Morande:

Morande Instruments was initially started and based deep in the center of Montpelier, VT.


Now the business, and workshop are located in the deep woods of Northfield, VT.


The Story Begins: Deep underground in the Basement of Montpelier’s local guitar shop (GuitarSam) is where I originally planted my roots and set up shop.


I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to have such a great space to build my instruments, and I am appreciative and grateful to my friend Kevin Crossett (Owner of GuitarSam & Kepasa Ukulele) for allowing me to utilize this space.


As of Mid-August 2018 Morande Instruments has re-located to the woods of Northfield,VT.


(In the old home of my Mother and Step-Father who moved out of state quite a few years ago.)


My Wife, Cats and I were given a great opportunity to move from the center of downtown Montpelier to the peaceful woods of Northfield. 


I’ve had quite an interest in the musical instrument field since I was a young kid, in my teen years I transitioned my musical focus over to Guitar/Ukulele, mainly Acoustic.



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